Enabling digital trasformation between Shoppers, Retail and Brands

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Scanbuy Retail has developed a multi-retail & multi-discount platform, providing benefit to thousands of shoppers with large scale product promotions and discounts to drive sales. By tracking and monitoring real-time purchase behavior in our shopping community, brands and retailers are able to get closer to their high-value customers.

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The time is now! Enhance your shopper experience with all the tools of the digital world, in the real world today, through our existing network of retail stores.


Increase your sales! Our solution allows you to increase and monitor drive to store ratios in real time with a simple Plug&Play solution that integrates with your POS.


Increase your sales! Brands benefit from detailed metrics to help boost their relationship with high value customers. By identifying and getting to know them through our platform, you can design and implement direct communications, and optimize loyalty and retention programs.


Save money on your shopping! Enjoy a unique shopping experience at your local supermarket* and connect with your favorite brands.
Download your app now and start saving!

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