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Scanbuy Retail S.A. has offices in New York, Madrid and Mexico City. It is owned by Scanbuy Inc.. which is based in New York and has offices in Paris, Copenhagen, and Tel Aviv.

A world leader in the development of mobile B2B and B2C services solutions, we have been connecting the physical and digital world for over 18 years. We enable digital transformation based on a mobile scanning product range: ScanLife©, Flash code©, BIDI©, certified information services for products like SmartLabel© (in the USA) and eScan© (joint service with AECOC in Spain) and mobile loyalty and promotion services such as mPromo© or dcoupon©.

Our tools help boost engagement for our clients. We help shoppers and brands, develop interactive relationships for mutual benefit that improve the brand experience and increase sales.


Scanbuy Inc., based in New York, offers mobile technology solutions and services that help companies increase engagement with their customers in an innovative and effective manner. Scanbuy’s services, along with its powerful data analysis, allow brands, agencies, and retailers to improve relationships with their real customers, increasing online and offline sales and develop greater loyalty through marketing campaigns.

Our three business units are Scanbuy Retail (dcoupon), Mobile Consumer Engagement and Big Data:

SCANBUY Retail (Dcoupon)

An innovative multi-retail mobile coupons platform, integrated into retailers checkouts, enabling brands and retailers to increase sales, optimise advertising investment and deepen engagemement with customers in real time. Best of all, our proposition is performance based, meaning you only pay by results.

Mobile to consumer engagement

Using QR Codes and barcode technology, Scanbuy converts CPG’s (Consumer Package Goods) into marketing opportunities, connecting both the physical and the digital worlds, via mobile devices. This allows consumers to interact with the products that interest them during the brand life cycle. This also allows manufacturers and brands to capture data on the interests and behavior of their customers, including tracking information vital to logistics and production decisions.

Big Data

In the United States, Scanbuy Inc. offers behavioral, demographic, location and mobile consumer identity data, which help in understading the buying behavior of 200M+ people in the US. Thanks to the use of automated learning algorithms, companies can make more effective decisions, customize their marketing campaigns and reach the right people at the right time.

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